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Our new special edition series addresses the market’s needs after many years of market research by HB BODY’s technically qualified people.

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Color Solutions Mix Systems

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Mixing systems with thousands of shades and formulas, for accurate colour matching and precision.

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We are HB BODY Refinish, a leader in the auto refinishing sector, and a member of HB BODY Group. Since 1982, we have designed and produced a wide range of products of the highest quality, fully supporting our customers’ needs and guiding the industry forward by means of innovative, advanced, and complete solutions.

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  • 75 export destinations

    Our outstanding export activity currently spreads over 75 countries worldwide and is supported by subsidiaries in Spain, Bulgaria, and the UK, to cover the needs of our ever-expanding clientele.

  • 40 years on the road

    After four consecutive decades of uninterrupted and successful presence in the industry, we are rightly considered experts in automotive refinishing, knowing the business inside out.

  • 90% of products travel abroad

    Produced in the EU, with top-notch raw materials, after applying the strictest quality tests, our products set off to spread some color and make customers happy all around the globe.

  • 270 tons of daily production capacity

    We offer the broadest range of products in Europe, with an impressive production capacity range of about 270 tons daily.

  • 250 people on board

    …and counting! We are passionate team players and firmly believe that we would not have made it so far without our special crew on board.


We offer a wide range of products

CATEGORY Clear Coats

A series of polyurethane products with excellent gloss and leveling that highlight the colour. They offer protection against weather and environmental conditions.

  • PRO 8
  • SERIES 6 4
  • OTHER 4
CATEGORY Mix Systems

Mixing systems with thousands of shades and formulas, for accurate colour matching and precision. The perfect solution for every paint store and body shop.

  • PRO -
  • SERIES 6 -
  • OTHER 5

1k/2k paints, covering a wide range of shades and suitable for any refinishing application.

  • PRO -
  • SERIES 6 -
  • OTHER 6

Filling and sealing products for the preparation of car body, offering exceptional adhesion properties and excellent results for the topcoats.

  • PRO 19
  • SERIES 6 4
  • OTHER 12

Products based on polyester resins, offering easy filling, excellent sanding and adhesion.

  • PRO 15
  • SERIES 6 5
  • OTHER 8
CATEGORY Underbody

A series of products that protect and insulate the lower (underbody) and the closed parts (cavities) of a vehicle from moisture, rust, stone chips, sound-deadening, and abrasions.

  • PRO 1
  • SERIES 6 2
  • OTHER 8
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