Jul 18, 2023 | 9' read
40 years of HB BODY… A reason for a fresh start!
  • 40 Years Anniversary
  • Automechanika Frankfurt
  • Purple Haze

At HB BODY Automotive Refinish, we recently celebrated four decades of prominent presence in the automotive refinishing industry! This significant milestone comes as a continuation of our recent brand identity refresh, marking a brand-new chapter in our history.

The 40th anniversary provided the perfect opportunity to communicate all the elements that define us, from our beginnings to our guiding principles in paving new paths. With this goal in mind, we created a commemorative campaign with the central message of “Giving Life Colour“.

Alongside that, we presented a short road movie, unravelling a familiar narrative for all the drivers out there. It’s a story about time and the marks it leaves on what we love, including our beloved cars.

Anniversary Movie
  • 40 Years Anniversary
  • Giving Life Colour

As we all know, life on the road is like the weather-unpredictable. It brings forth good and challenging moments, imprinted in scratches, haze, and dents. However, just like life, our cars must maintain their shine and colour, no matter what happens. That is our mission-always to be there, offering the most effective and reliable solutions for car refinishing.

But the grand celebration of 40 years doesn’t end there. Simultaneously, we launched the Purple Haze project, which made its debut at the recent Automechanika Frankfurt exhibition.

Specifically, it features a 2016 Porsche Turbo S with a new Body Kit developed in collaboration with Top Car, painted in a purple colour specially created for the exhibition and recently released as a limited edition.

Purple Haze Project
  • 40 Years Anniversary
  • Purple Haze

As for the future, here at HB BODY, we are already excited for what lies ahead. Inspired by the thrilling journey of the past 40 years, we are moving forward even more substantially, ready for the next 40!

Will you join us?