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We are always in search of talented individuals willing to share our passion and reach exciting new destinations in their career. 

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HB BODY operates across different sectors, to cover a wide range of products and services. Find the niche that better suits your professional profile and apply accordingly.

  • SECTOR 01
    Our administration department caters for administrative issues and provides technical support in all respective areas, from secretarial work and HR all the way to accounting and legal affairs. If an exciting and challenging office life is your walk in the park, come, and enjoy the ride with us.
  • SECTOR 02
    At the heart of our R&D (Research & Development) department, our Lab is a pioneering hub, where top professionals join forces in researching and developing innovations and launching new, revolutionary products. If it sounds like you, we would like to hear from you.
  • SECTOR 03
    Improving performance, increasing business availability and reliability, inspecting assets, minimizing functional costs, preventing malfunctions, or repairing, are some of the daily ticks in maintenance sector’s to-do agenda. If you have what it takes to be part of this team, let us know!
  • SECTOR 04
    Loving our job is a prerequisite for success and communicating it efficiently is just as fundamental. To us, marketing strategies can be effective only when they originate from unconditional care. We genuinely care for our partners and customers, their goals become ours, and their vision inspires us in taking the right marketing paths. If all this resonates with you, join us!
  • SECTOR 05
    Producing some 270 tons of top-notch products daily is really something. But these kinds of numbers do not just accidentally happen. They are the result of a great team of professionals, making excellent use of innovative technologies and working together as one to drive performance. If all this inspires you, grab the opportunity to participate!
  • SECTOR 06
    Our sales department takes sales to a whole new level. Our experienced sales professionals are primarily relationship builders, value providers and problem solvers, offering to our clientele solutions that exceed their expectations. Care to jump in? Cannot wait to welcome you onboard.
  • SECTOR 07
    Security and safety lie at the core of our working culture. Security department is responsible for making sure that all safety measures are being applied as expected and that operational aspects comply with certain regulations, minimizing risks for all employees and guaranteeing a safe, danger-proof working environment.
  • SECTOR 08
    Effective management of the supply chain, mastership in logistics, top organizational and operational skills. Our supplies department is responsible for all the crucial arrangements that allow us to be successful in covering our clients needs. And could use your help in achieving even greater results.

We boast an exciting, people-first business culture that maintains a human approach to all business units. We are committed to offering our employees rewarding working experience, on many levels.

Competitive Remuneration Package

We want you to be happy and feel appreciated for the great work you deliver.

Integrated Induction and Training Program

New in? Worry not! We show you around and train you accordingly till you feel confident to take over.

Stable Working Environment

We want you to feel secure. Working with us is a turbulent free journey – if never a boring one.

Continuous Growth

We love to evolve. We constantly move on, gain new skills, and set new goals. Together we grow.

Morning Shift

We are early birds and love to maintain a work-life balance. You can still be a night owl, if you fancy – well, as long as you can manage morning awakenings.

Current Vacancies

Have a look at our current vacancies, find the role that better suits your profile and apply today!


  • Junior Technical Product Manager Marketing Thessaloniki, GR Apply now

    In the role of the Junior Product Manager, you will work in particular on and learn strategic product development. You will work in a team of experienced product managers who will guide you and introduce you to new subject areas.

    full time in house

  • Sales Director Executive Assistant Sales Thessaloniki, GR Apply now

    The Director Executive Assistant of Sales should assist the Director of Sales in leading the sales team to hit sales targets.

    full time in house

  • Customer Service Executive (German Speaker) Sales Thessaloniki, GR Apply now

    A customer service executive’s role is to lead and manage a team of agents, communicate customer needs to stakeholders, and understand exactly how customers use your product or service.

    full time in house

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