Rubber-based thixotropic material with excellent stone chip protection and sound-deadening properties. Suitable for application onto running boards, wheel arches and the vehicle underbody. Perfect adhesion dries quickly and can be painted over with all paint systems.


A bituminous thixotropic coating that provides excellent anticorrosive and stone chip protection. Perfect adhesion with permanent elasticity. Applied on the underneath parts of the car body only. Cannot be overcoated.


Special coating made of artificial resin, bitumen and wax. Perfect protection from moisture and rust with permanent elasticity in temperatures from -20°C (-4°F) to + 60°C (140°F). Very good adhesion to clean surfaces as well as on top of earlier bituminous coatings. For the underbody of the car only. Not overcoatable.


Underbody coating made of wax, synthetic resin and bitumen, specially formulated against salinity (moisture). It is applied only to the underbody parts. Produces a perfect pinhole-free finish, dries fast and remains elastic in temperatures of -20°C (- 4°F) to + 60°C (140°F). It has very good adhesion both on clean surfaces as well as on … Continued