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SOLUTION Back-to-Basics: Adhesion Failure. Technical Problems
Origin Excessive film thickness. Not enough flash off time between intermediate and final coats. Incorrect mixing ratio of two component products. Use of non-recommended hardeners/thinners. Use of fast hardeners at high temperatures.
Avoidance Always apply the products according to their technical data sheet. Use intermediate and final flash off times as recommended. Use the appropriate hardener type according to the application temperature as described in the technical data sheets.
How To Fix The Problem! Remove the delaminating film completely and prepare the surface for a new application.
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  • Can products be transported in temperatures bellow 0°C?

    Most of the products, made by HB BODY SA, are solvent-based, so transportation below 0°C should not be a problem. Products that have problems at low temperatures are products based in water, for the sole reason that water freezes at 0°C

  • Which is the lowest recommended temperature for product application?

    The ideal temperature for product application is room temperature and that is 21°C. Product application becomes difficult at temperatures with large deviations from the ideal since the application viscosity increases or decreases (temperature dependent). The lowest recommended product application is about 5-8°C for primers, paints, clear coats and underbody applications. The commonest application temperature for putties is 5°C.

  • What is the shelf-life of a product?

    The shelf life of our products is indicated on each Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and outlines the period during which optimal quality and effectiveness are ensured. Proper storage conditions (+5°C - +25°C) (41°F - 77°F), intact packaging, and sealing are essential for maintaining product performance.

    Shelf life can vary between product categories and even among products within the same category due to variations in formulation, materials, and ingredients. To guarantee lasting quality, it's crucial to adhere to recommended storage conditions, including avoiding exposure to humidity levels above 80% and direct sunlight.

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