Oct 13, 2021 | 4' read
HB BODY is a proud sponsor of the Aristotle Racing Team for the 7th year!
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Just a few weeks ago the Aristotle Racing Team (ART), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki’s first student motorsports team, presented its new racing car, ART-21, and HB BODY is proud to be a part of it.

Based on the experience of previous years and the team’s vision for the future, “ART-21” has a new subversive design that is called upon to meet this year’s racing goals and lead the team.

The well-known CBR-600 engine is now equipped with a new control unit, which allows it to utilize its full potential. As a result, 85hp power is transported to the wheel and is responsible for its better acceleration. The new aerodynamic package combined with the new suspension system now offers greater confidence to the driver. Therefore, comparing the new car with the “ART-18”, the difference in track times is visible.

Recognizing the value of the student members of the Aristotle Racing Team (ART), HB BODY is a sponsor of their every effort and success for the 7th consecutive year. A team that in recent years has received several awards, while counting much successful participation in international student Formula races and a sponsorship that enhances the development of scientific thinking, innovation, and practice of students in what they have been taught in theory.

This month the team celebrates the 15th anniversary of its founding and just a few days ago participated in Formula Student Czech Republic at Autodrom Most and Formula Student EAST at the Hungarian track. The 7th racing car of ART managed to compete in the competitions and to be in the top ten of the general classification, among 38 distinguished teams that participated.